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10 Years of GSM Mobile in Nigeria

Its ten years since GSM, the Global System for Mobile communications was introduced to Nigeria. The launch of GSM in 2001 liberated Nigerians from the shackles of the once powerful, but now virtually insignificant, national telecoms monopoly NITEL. NITEL insulted and humiliated Nigerians for many years with their 'wicked' style of service. So Nigerians must have breathe a sigh of relief when Econet (now Airtel) and MTN Nigeria launched their GSM mobile services in 2001. GSM has contributed positively in boosting economic activities in Nigeria. It has also improved the quality of living of Nigerians. Thanks to GSM, Nigerians now...

MTN BlackBerry Plans Prices & Codes

MTN is the largest mobile network in Nigeria and also boasts of the largest BlackBerry community in the country. Blackberry internet services from MTN, include the BlackBerry Absolute plans, BlackBerry Complete Plans, and BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES). Here you will find MTN BlackBerry plans in Nigeria with their prices and access codes required to subscribe to them. Where to Buy BlackBerry Phones from ₦22,000.00 Buy Now   To activate MTN Blackberry plans, send the appropriate code to 21600 MTN Browsing Plans MTN BlackBerry Complete Monthly, (24/7, 30 days) - N1,000, text BBC to 21600 or Dial *216*1*3# MTN Blackberry Complete Weekly, (24/7, 7...

The Future is Here with Zain Unmanned Payphone

Zain is currently deploying unmanned fixed payphones in Nigeria. This fixed payphones will provide affordable 24/7 telecommunication services nationwide. For now, Zain has deployed hundreds of these payphones. Zain will deploy more fixed payphones in urban and rural areas in future. You may be interested in Airtel Data Plan Surprisingly in the year 2008, unmanned payphone is an innovation in Nigeria. However, as the saying goes better be late than never. Currently unmanned payphones are inexistent, rather most payphone are manned. Manned payphones (commercial telephone operators, CTOs) are all over the place. In our cities, towns and village we see CTOs seating...
5G in your City

What is 5G – The Future of Mobile Broadband

A lot of people are talking excitedly about how 5G is going to revolutionise mobile connectivity. There are equally a few people skeptical of the technology citing health concerns. However not many people understand how or why the modern mobile broadband technology is such a big deal. 5G is indeed going to be way better than any of its previous mobile network technologies, and not only because of the natural progression of numbers that started at 1G for analogue and 2G for digital. Here, we will try to dumb down 5G for the layman through an introduction to the concept and...
CDN Network

Zain StepUp Tariff Package – the more you talk the cheaper...

Zain StepUp is a new Tariff package by Zain targeted at subscribers who spend lots of time making calls. According to Zain, subscribers who spend more than 2 hours 30 minutes monthly will experience savings with Zain StepUp. Zain StepUp offers a maximum call rate of 35 kobo/second to all networks in Nigeria. With Zain StepUp, the more you talk the cheaper it gets, if you call for more than 300 hours in a given month, your call rate will reduce to 15 kobo/second to all networks for the rest of the month. You may also be interested in Airtel Data...
Business texting reaches more customers

Use Your Cell Phone to Text Customers from Your Business Phone...

The advent of mobile communication has redefined the way people interact with each other and how they reach to others. The world isn’t that wide anymore now that mobile phones have proliferated across the globe. People from different parts of the world can now communicate with each other like they were just a few meters from each other. The young generations of modern societies live a fast-paced, convenient and hectic lifestyle. They are constantly on the go and feel the need to instantly communicate with each other. They often don’t feel the need for long, meaningful discussions over phone calls...
SMS - Text Messaging

Send Cheap Bulk SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phones

Bulk SMS services offer cheaper text messaging rates for people who need to send lots of SMS messages. Bulk SMS will appeal to businesses, however bulk SMS can be used by anybody. So anytime, you want to send Bulk SMS to send, know that you can benefit from cost savings by using Cheap Bulk SMS services. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦3,500.00 Buy Now Bulk SMS services send traffic over the internet. This reduces costs. The cost of each cheap bulk SMS depends on the number of text messages you buy. It can even be less than ₦2 per SMS depending...

Backup Service for SIM & Phone Contacts from MTN

One unpleasant possibility virtually all mobile phone users face is that of losing those precious contacts we have taken time to accumulate. This could result from either the theft of or damage to our devices. MTN SIM Backup is one of those services that are designed to help prevent such an unfavourable possibility.   What is MTN Backup? This is a service offered by MTN to its subscribers to help safeguard the contact information or numbers on their SIM cards and mobile phones by storing these on a remote server. The service could save you the stress and expenses that may be involved...


By activating your voicemail, incoming calls to your phone will be forwarded to your voicemail box when you cannot receive them. Your caller will be given an option to record a voicemail message when you cannot be reached. If the caller oblige, he/she will be able to record a voicemail message (of limited length usually 60 seconds), which will be stored in your voicemail box until you can receive it. Your voicemail message will be saved in your voicemail box for a limited time from two to up to 30 days depending on the network. Your mobile phone will notify...

Roaming on mobile phones: What is it

Roaming is a value added service offered by mobile cellular operators that enable you make and receive voice calls or send and receive data when travelling outside the coverage of your home network. With roaming you can access telecoms services from anywhere as long as there is a mobile operator in the area with a roaming agreement with your mobile operator. With respect to roaming, the network you are subscribed to is called your home network, while the network you are roaming on is called your visited network. How Does Roaming Work? When you switch on your phone in or move...