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Facebook offers a service that enable businesses and advertisers target its huge user base. Facebook advertising enable businesses build their reputation on the social network by advertising their Facebook business brand pages or advertising their product and services. In this article, we go through the basics of Facebook advertising.

The Beauty of Facebook Advertising

The beauty of Facebook advertising is that it provides you with tools that enable you target the right kind of audience for your Ads. Facebook has lots of information about its users, and as a Facebook advertiser, marketer, or a business advertising on Facebook, you can access these tools to enable you take advantage of what Facebook knows about its users.

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With Facebook advertising you can refine your ad to target certain interests, location, age, associations, etc. This information if used well will enable you present your Facebook ads mostly to users who are likely to be more responsive, leading to good performance and value for money.

Know your Audience

Although Facebook has lots of information about its users that is not all you need to succeed in Facebook advertising. To make use of the information offered by Facebook, you need to have a good knowledge of your audience. For, example, what sort of people will be interested in your product or service?

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Yes, the keyword there is interest not buy. The focus of an ad is to generate interest. Once you can get someone interested or excited about your product or service, selling becomes easier.

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After identifying the type of people that will be interested in your Facebook advertising, you need to decide what subset of this group you wish to target your ads to. For example, do you target the whole group or do you target a subset?

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Advertising on Facebook without knowing your audience will usually lead to lower performance and lots of waste. So, before using Facebook advertising, take your time and brainstorm about your audience and use this information to target your Facebook advertising.

Test Facebook Ads before diving in

It is important to test different ads first before diving into an elaborate Facebook advertising campaign. This lets you find out what works and target your Facebook advertising budget on high performance ads. Let’s face it; there is no way you can totally identify what works just through brainstorming.

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You should run mini CPM test ads having the same message or different messages targeting different subsets of your interest audience. That way you know what message(s) work(s) most or which audience is more responsive. This approach is advised if you are running an elaborate Facebook advertising campaign.

For example, if you plan running a $100 Facebook advertising campaign, you can run three mini test CPM ads of $10 each. This will enable you test different ideas that came out of your brainstorming. Then you can use the results of the tests to run ads on the remaining $70.

For example, you may decide to spend the remaining $70 budget on the best performing ad in your test. If your Facebook advertising budget were $1,000, you may spend $50 to $100 on tests. The more information you have about which messages consumers respond more to or which audience are more responsive, the more successful your Facebook advertising campaign.

Advertise your fan page or products & services

With Facebook advertising, you can advertise your Facebook business brand page and use it to build your fan base on Facebook. In this type of advertising campaign your objective is to accumulate as many Fans as possible for a given budget. You can also use Facebook to promote your business, products, and services.

For these types of Facebook advertising, you need to create a compelling landing page on your website. When users click on the ad, they will be taken to the landing page on your website.

Usually, the first types of Facebook advertising you should run is for building your fan base on the social networking site. Once someone becomes your fan on Facebook, you can continue to feed them with your brand messages free. Even if they do not buy the first time, as long as they remain your fan, you will still have another chance (or many chances) to convert them to customers.

At some point, you may decide to promote your products and services directly through Facebook advertising. Like all other online advertising methods, you will need a compelling landing page for your Facebook advertising. You should also add your Facebook fan page button on the landing page, so that if a visitor does not end up a customer, he/she can at least become a fan.

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