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Top E-commerce Brands

Top E-commerce Brands with the Best Logo Designs

Over the past few years, e-commerce has evolved substantially. No matter how big or small a business is, to earn more revenue, today, every company is making an online presence. This has changed the game between brands completely. Having an online business doesn’t always mean having a great website. To help the audience find a business, you need to have a logo. Logos are the brands’ most notable identity. By simply looking at the logo, customers can recognize a brand easily. A well-designed logo can help businesses get launched at the stratosphere level while a wrong one can lead to failure. Creating a...
PoS Device

NSL PLC: i8550 POS Terminal for e-Payment Lottery

The National Sports Lottery (NSL) plc is currently deploying 30,000 i8550 POS terminals. This is aimed at making the lottery game easily accessible in more locations nationwide. NSL plc is the organiser and sponsor of the Lotto Nigeria game show. Lotto Nigeria is a weekly lottery game show that is drawn twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays). Lotto Nigeria involves selecting six numbers from 49 possible options. If player matches all six drawn number he/she wins the jackpot. Players that match five, four or three number also win various sums. The deployment of these i8550 POS terminals by NSL plc will...
Binance Coin (BNB)

The Security Features of Binance Coin and How they Protect Users

The world of cryptocurrency is often plagued by security concerns, as hackers and scammers are constantly looking for ways to steal digital assets. However, Binance Coin (BNB) has established a reputation for providing exceptional security features that protect its users. To efficiently trade Bitcoins, you must invest in a reputable trading platform like the TradingOX Platform. In this article, we will explore the security features of Binance Coin and how they safeguard the interests of its users. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that requires users to provide multiple forms of identification before accessing their accounts. Binance Coin...

Buy Nokia Lumia 620 Online

Nokia Lumia 620, a low cost mid-range Windows Phone 8 smartphone, is now available in Nigeria. Before the launch of the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 620 was the cheapest WP8 member of the Nokia Lumia Phones family. If you are looking for solid hardware at a decent price, Nokia Lumia 620 is a great choice.Where to Buy Lumia PhonesJumia.com.ngfrom ₦16,500.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦19,950.00 Buy Now Nokia Lumia 620 runs Windows Phone 8 OS on a 1GHz dual-core processor paired with 512MB RAM. It comes with the best Office productivity software, the MS Office as well as the best location...
Remitano makes Money Transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria and vice-versa Easier with the new “Cash-out” Feature

Remitano makes Money Transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria and vice-versa Easier...

Due to the ever-increasing volume of money transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria, Remitano, a global escrow-marketplace, has just launched a smart, free, and safe approach for cross-border money transfers. This system will allow Nigerians to send and receive money from Malaysia and other countries without incurring the high fees charged by most traditional Nigerian banks. Fast Remittance and Cheaper Average Costs for Money Transfers between Malaysia and Nigeria As a result of the launch of Remitano’s international cash-out features, Nigerians can now send and receive money from their families and friends in Malaysia multiple times faster than traditional Nigerian banks and...
Growing credit card frauds

Features of Debit/ATM/Credit Cards – Online Shopping

To shop online, you need a debit or a credit card, but do you know how to use one? Although most online stores are easy to use, you may want a quick guide. This article is the guide you need. You will see what a debit card looks like and what the different parts represent. You will also discover the features you need to shop online. Where to Shop Online Jumia.com.ngfrom ₦500.00 Buy Now In case you are wondering, your ATM card is a debit card and you can shop online with it if supported by an online store. Most cards we...

Buy your Phone or Tablet Now, and Pay Later at ParktelOnline.com

ParktelOnline is Nigeria's most reliable online retailer of high quality mobile devices. They deal on smartphones and tablets from all brands known for high quality products (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, LG, Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Microsoft etc.) ParktelOnline is not a general merchandise store; they focus solely on high quality smartphones and tablets. And this specialization explains why they are highly effective in everything they do. For more than 12 years now ParktelOnline has been selling high quality devices to customers all over the country and hence are no rookie to the business with thousands of satisfied customers to...

Factors Behind Longevity of Computerized Yuan in the Economy!

The economy is the essential concern of every government because the government's officials always want the best economy. After all, it is one thing that helps them increase the value of the things exported by the country. On the other hand, if a country's economy is good, it will have the power to deal with the problems on the international level. There are many things the government is using as a strategy to increase the graph of the economy, and the invention of the digital yuan by China is one of them. Numerous links like china's digital currency can help...

4 Guides to Growing your E-commerce Business

The internet is the place to be in this day and age. Thousands of online shopping websites have sprung up targeting these growing crowd on the internet. If your business is planning to join the growing list of businesses adopting e-commerce, we offer four guides to ensure success in your e-commerce business. Businesses have started going online, to expand their reach and cater to millions of web users. E-commerce has definitely become the name of the game, with anybody looking for growth and expansion in their business turning towards the internet as a catalyst for the same. The days when going...
Write your own dropshipping success stories

Write your own Dropshipping Success Stories

I won’t be wrong if I say that almost everyone wants to have an amazing success story to tell. Dropshipping is one endeavor that produces such success stories regularly. Indeed, who has never had a desire to be famous, successful and rich? That’s a part of human nature. Acting according to the widespread opinion that hard work is a synonym of productivity and success, most people spend all their time and energy in the office trying to get to the top. However, it turns out to be difficult to live out your dreams going this way. Hard-work is not necessarily a...