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gopro hero4 black

GoPro Hero4 Black Action Cam Specs and Price

GoPro Hero4 Black is a solid camera that is equipped with features and capabilities that will awe both novices and pros. In fact, the action cam outdoes the amazing Hero4 Silver in some areas, including shooting options for video recording. Where to Buy GoPro Hero4 Black Amazon US– Buy Here GoPro Hero4 Black is also decked out to deliver very high-resolution photos – little wonder its maker describes it as its most-advanced camera. The Design One of the areas of modifications on the GoPro Hero4 Black over its predecessors is the battery compartment, which has been redesigned to make swapping out of battery seamless. The...
gopro hero4 session

GoPro Hero4 Session Compact Action Cam Specs & Price

GoPro Hero4 Session is a compact action camera that packs impressive capturing capability in a small package. Described by its maker as its ‘smallest, lightest, and most convenient camera yet,’ the action cam shows off a waterproof design and delivers 1440p videos and 8MP stills, while also offering comfortable one-button control. Where to Buy GoPro Hero4 Session Amazon US– Buy Here The Design Shaped like a cube, GoPro Hero4 Session addresses one issues that some people have with GoPro cameras - separate waterproof housing. Waterproofing is built into the snapper without need for a separate housing, thus enhancing its portability significantly. But unlike its...
gopro hero plus lcd

GoPro Hero+ LCD Action Cam Specs & Price

GoPro Hero+ LCD is a mid-range camera that offers something that some of its more-expensive brothers do not. Like the Hero4 Silver, this shooter comes with a quality built-in touchscreen to help you enjoy improved image-capturing capability. Where to Buy GoPro Hero+ LCD Action Cam Amazon US– Buy Here GoPro Hero+ LCD delivers stunning Full HD video recording and 8MP photos as well as seamless content sharing. Design and Touch Display GoPro Hero+ LCD doesn't appear much different from last year's Hero. It comes in the same dark gray finish. However, it packs in an LCD touch panel – something that was exclusive to...
GoPro Hero4 Sliver

GoPro Hero4 Silver Action Camera Specs and Price

GoPro Hero4 Silver is a mid-range action cam built to deliver superb image capture and video recording. It features an amazing built-in touchscreen and ample image resolution and frame rates that will effectively get the job done for both beginners and professionals. Where to Buy GoPro Hero4 Silver Amazon US– Buy Here It rivals the older, high-end Hero3+ Black Edition, which is a highly-rated cam. Design and Display The Hero4 Silver measures 4.06 x 5.7 x 2.8 cm and has a waterproof housing to shield it from liquid at depth of up to 40 metres. It comes with black border around its monochrome screen,...
How to Fix Common Digital Camera Errors

How to Fix Common Digital Camera Errors

Camera failures can happen at any moment. Indeed, even the excellent quality Nikon, Sony, or Canon cameras are not without glitches. It may have a digital sensor issue, pictures showing a dark screen, or simply your camera falling into the water, leaving you in an issue. In addition, immense costs and the dread of losing your data can make you worried. You can likewise troubleshoot some issues yourself. Try to apply the troubleshooting techniques in different kinds of digital cameras, DSLRs, SLRs, etc. Here we have recorded some typical issues and their fixes. Common Digital Camera Errors and Their Possible Fixes 1. Digital...
Canon EOS R

Canon Cameras – PowerShot IXUS EOS Digital Cameras Price Specs

Canon is a well known brand of digital cameras. The Canon PowerShot camera line consists of the most popular canon cameras with huge sales volumes worldwide. Canon EOS range of digital SLR cameras are also very popular. Here we will be providing a brief overview of a few Canon cameras with emphasis on affordable and bestselling models. Where to Buy Canon Cameras from ₦74,335.00 Buy Now Read overviews of recent Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of more recent Nikon SLR Camera Despite the proliferation of camera phones, stand alone cameras are hugely popular. This is because dedicated cameras often offer more features and...
Nikon Coolpix P510

Nikon Camera – COOLPIX Digital Cameras Price & Specs

Nikon COOLPIX is a range of compact, point-n-shoot cameras from Nikon. This range consists of some of the bestselling cameras today. Nikon COOLPIX cameras are popular because they offer value for money and ease of use. Nikon Digital SLR cameras are also very popular; the latest DSLR camera the Nikon D5100 has been recording good sales. Nikon still makes a couple of film cameras. Here we will be providing a brief overview of a few Nikon digital cameras with emphasis on affordable and bestselling Nikon COOLPIX cameras. Where to Buy Nikon CoolPix Cameras from ₦79,995.00 Buy Now Read overviews of Canon...
Memory Card

Digital Camera Accessories Battery Chargers Memory Cards

You may be wondering which accessories to buy for your digital camera. Cameras need accessories to function properly. Some camera accessories are essential like batteries, while others are optional. Normally a camera will come with all accessories required to make it usable, but you may still need to buy additional accessories for an improved experience. Here we will be showing accessories you may need for your digital camera. Where to Buy Cameras and Camcorders from ₦29,995.00 Buy Now Read overviews of Canon Camera Read overviews of Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of Nikon Digital Camera Note that not every accessory will fit every digital...
Panasonic Lumix LX100 for Black Friday

Black Friday Camera Deals for 2023

Need a camera to capture all the fun moments of the upcoming holiday season or just need a new camera for work or hobby? Black Friday is a great time to buy digital cameras as numerous stores offer discounts and deals during the period. In this article, we showcase some of the best Black Friday Camera deals. We will also highlight Cameras to buy when Black Friday deals open. Sony Alpha A6500  Mirrorless Camera This popular mirrorless camera with a 24.2MP CMOS sensor and impressive 4K UHD video recording capability at 120 fps is currently available with good savings on Amazon this...
How to Choose Your Drone (Pro Tips)

How to Choose Your Drone (Pro Tips)

Wondering how to choose a drone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will share some tips to help you choose your drone. Just keep reading. If you are out to purchase a drone, you will be overwhelmed due to the many options from which to choose from. Drones are designed in different sizes and come with different price tags. Also, their features differ from one drone to another. For this reason, when selecting a drone to purchase, it is crucial to consider your needs and expectations and how capable you are to fly it. The first thing you...
Camera Buying Guide

How to Buy a Camera

So, for some reasons, you feel the need to buy a new (type of) camera. Perhaps you have been meddling around with your smartphone's camera for a while now and the whole concept of photography is beginning to pique your interest every single day. Where to Buy a Camera Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Maybe you have been taking some online photography classes and courses too and you want to step it up a notch by doing more shooting and gaining more hands-on experience. You definitely need to buy a camera for that, but it's not that simple as there are a tonne...

Sony Cyber shot DSC S950 Digital Camera Price Specs

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S950 is a compact easy to use Sony digital camera. A camera to take anywhere, Sony DSC-S950 is a great entry point to the world of digital photography. Sony Cyber-shot S950 CCD camera offer lots great imaging features like 4X optical zoom, SteadyShot, Face Detection, 2.7-inch LCD display, 10.1 effective megapixels resolution, in-camera retouching tools, and so on. Where to Buy Sony Cameras Online from ₦90,995.00 Buy Now Read overviews of more recent Canon Camera Read overviews of recent Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of more recent Nikon Coolpix Camera Buy Camera Accessories Where to Buy Sony Cameras Online from ₦90,995.00 Buy Now Sony...

Canon Powershot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A590 IS is an 8.0 Megapixel digital camera with 4x optical image-stabilized zoom. A590IS is compact, easy to carry around and can easily fit into any bag. Where to Buy Canon Cameras from ₦124,335.00 Buy Now Read overviews of more recent Canon Camera Read overviews of recent Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of more recent Nikon Coolpix Camera Digital Camera Specs A590 IS camera makes taking pictures very easy with Easy Mode, so if you are a casual user, you will find this Canon PowerShot Camera very valuable. For advanced photographers A590 IS comes with manual features that make it a great bargain...
Is an Action Camera Worth Buying for Paintball Gaming

Is an Action Camera Worth Buying for Paintball Gaming? Explained the...

Paintball is a fun game for friends to relax. It is a fast paced recreational and competitive team sports  that is both fun and challenging. But, what if you want to record your game play? Is an action camera a worthy investment for Paintball Gaming? We answer this question in the next few paragraphs. Keep reading. 1. Amazing Video and image capabilities: Paintball gaming is impressive, and getting it down on film is even better. There are many reasons for having it recorded, and one of them is improving. For that, you will need the best action camera to capture every moment. One of...
GoPro Hero5 Session Featured

GoPro Hero5 Session Specs and Price

The GoPro Hero5 Session is the smaller, and cheaper, of the two latest additions to GoPro's range of action cameras – the other being the flagship GoPro Hero5 Black. It is more of an upgrade on the Hero4 Session from last year, missing some of the features on its more-expensive brother. Where to Buy GoPro Hero5 Session Amazon US– Buy Here Build and Design Featuring a rugged design, the GoPro Hero5 Session boasts superb waterproofing as the Hero5 Black. This is despite being more compact. After all, its predecessor was the first and previously the only GoPro action cam to come with protection against...
GoPro Hero5 Black Featured

GoPro Hero5 Black Action Cam Specs and Price

GoPro Hero5 Black is the latest flagship action camera from the stable of GoPro, finally arriving after several months of waiting and teasers – and the wait appears to be well worth it. The camera parades a more robust and durable design, when compared to its predecessors, while also sporting a touch display. Where to Buy GoPro Hero5 Black Amazon US– Buy Here Build and Design A major highlight of the GoPro Hero5 Black is that it boasts a more hand-wearing construction. It looks ready to withstand rugged handling with a matte black rubberized cover. It is fully waterproof without any need for an...
Simple Steps To Taking Your Best Holiday Snaps

4 Simple Steps to Taking your Best Holiday Snaps

With the holidays just around the corner, your calendar is going to fill up soon. Between festive cocktails, family dinners, and the office’s Secret Santa exchange, you’ll be a jolly social butterfly in the upcoming weeks. You’ll also be in your fair share of group snaps, as a camera’s never too far away at these holiday get-together. While you might not be able to control the composition of your holiday pictures, you can control the angle of your pose. When you’re getting ready to click that shutter, remember to position yourself from head to toe. From your head, make sure your...
Husban H501S X4 Drone

Hubsan H501S X4 Specs and Price

Hubsan is a veteran in the drone business with a number of these gadgets to their name already. One of those happen to be the Hubsan H501S X4 which is a mix of budget and features. Budget in the sense that, it offers quite a bunch of features at the price tag. Where to Buy Hubsan H501S X4 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers The small sized quadcopter is the definition of a well built long lasting drone with around 20 minutes flight time on a full charge. Also, I would like to point out that the drone...
Canono S120 Camera

Canon PowerShot S120: Perfect Camera for Youtube

Video blogs or vlogs are a new method of sharing our stories with entire world using traditional format of a blog, but with video footage instead of text and images. They provide more detailed information about the subject and in most cases, they are displayed as a series of videos, which at the end creates the final product. Video services such as YouTube give a good example of how vlogs have been able to change the nature of social media. The main advantage of vlogs is that they can also be shared on different platforms, allowing us to distributed the...

Sony Cyber shot DSC S930 Digital Camera Specs Price

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S930 digital camera is a great entry point to the world of digital photography using the astounding strength of Sony Cyber-shot technology. Sony DSC-S930 is compact, easy to use, and is a great value for your money. Sony Cyber-shot S930 CCD camera offer great imaging features like SteadyShot, Face Detection, 2.4-inch LCD display, 10.1 megapixels resolution, 3X optical zoom, and so on.Where to Buy Sony Cameras ₦20,995.00 Buy Now Konga.comfrom ₦20,990.00 Buy Now Read overviews of more recent Canon Camera Read overviews of recent Sony Cybershot Camera Read overviews of more recent Nikon Coolpix Camera Camera Accessories Sony Cyber-shot S930 has a...
Wyze Smart Home Camera

Wyze Smart Home Camera Price, Specs, and Best Deals

If you are a newbie to the idea of a smart home or office security system, or you are looking build a home security system with top-of-the-line features without breaking the bank, the Wyze Cam indoor security camera is a brilliant choice and start-point. Built by a team of Seattle-based ex-Amazon employees, Wyze Labs aims to provide home security gadgets with affordable price points. And the Wyze Cam is a promising product. With beautiful design and aesthetical properties, the Wyze Smart Home Camera is also laced with features you wouldn't find on pricier smart home cameras from more renowned brands. For the price the device sells for, 1080p HD recording, impressive...
Hiseeu 1080P Wireless PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera

Hiseeu 1080P Wireless PTZ Speed Dome IP Security Camera Price, and...

Hiseeu 1080P Wireless PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera is an outdoor waterproof video surveillance camera with Full HD 1080P resolution and 4X Digital Zoom Auto Focus with 3.5mm lens to captures a super zoomed-in view. It comes with impressive features such as motion detection alarm, two ways audio, and IR-Cut Night Vision that can capture distance up to 30m. Where to Buy Hiseeu 1080P Wireless PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera AliExpress – See Offers This camera can be used as a stand-alone PTZ wireless CCTV system once a  MicroSD card is inserted like the Techage wireless PTZ Security Camera. It also comes with...
Techage 8CH 1080p CCTV Security System

Techage 8CH 1080p CCTV Security System Price, Specs and Best Deals

Techage 8CH 1080p CCTV Security System is an indoor / outdoor-ready CCTV Camera system that delivers smooth HD 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second (fps). The PoE NVR system combined with Techage IP67 camera units supports true day/night recording, enhanced by integrated infrared (IR) illumination (maximum range of 20m) - making it ideal for 24-hour surveillance of exposed outdoor locations. Where to Buy Techage 8CH 1080p CCTV Security System AliExpress – See Offers For outdoor surveillance you need the Techage outdoor bullet IP camera built with Waterproof Metal housing and offers superior quality images and video with options of...
Techage 8CH 1080p HD Wireless CCTV Camera Security System

Techage 8CH 1080p HD Wireless CCTV Camera Security System Price, Specs,...

Techage 8CH 1080p HD Wireless NVR Two Way Audio Security Camera System is an 8 Channel NVR Security System that supports up to 8 weather-resistant 1296p HD indoor/outdoor cameras that deliver clear image and smooth playback with real-time recordings. The Techage 8 channel wireless H.265 CCTV NVR Security System is just like the Techage 8 channel PoE NVR Security System, but supports wireless cameras via Wi-Fi, so the wires are not connected to the system. Where to Buy Techage Wireless Security Camera System AliExpress – See Offers The Techage 8 channel wireless CCTV NVR Security System can come separately or bundled with Techage...
Techage 8CH Wireless CCTV Camera Security System

Techage 8CH Wireless 3MP CCTV Security Camera System Price, and Best...

Techage 8CH Wireless 3MP CCTV Security Camera System is suitable for a variety of application, such as Villa Homes, Offices, Warehouses, Workshops, Restaurants and so on. It is an upgrade to the Techage Wireless CCTV Camera that supports 2MP security cameras. The Network Video Security System can be setup with up to eight 3MP cameras, and an HD resolution to deliver clear image and smooth playback with real-time recordings. It supports Intelligent humanoid detection with Two-Way Audio system. Where to Buy Techage 8CH Wireless 3MP CCTV Security Camera System AliExpress – See Offers The Techage 8CH Wireless 3MP CCTV Security Camera System supports...
Techage 5MP PTZ IP Wireless Security Camera

Techage 5MP PTZ IP Wireless Security Camera Price, and Best Deals

The Techage 5MP HD PTZ IP Wireless Security Camera features 5x optical zoom lens and IR viewable length up to 466ft enabling users to capture 4K high quality images anytime, anywhere. It also has 270° pan rotation and 90° tilt control, advanced Auto Tracking and 30-50M Day and Night Vision functions are suitable to make your monitoring more powerful, even in low light condition. Where to Buy Techage 5MP HD PTZ IP Wireless Security Camera AliExpress – See Offers The Techage 5MP HD PTZ IP Wireless Security Camera have IP66 Waterproof supports with Smart AI Humanoid detection, Motion Detection & Email Alert...
Mirrorless Camera

5 Reasons you may need a Mirrorless Camera in 2023

It's no secret that the landscape of photography is changing. Smartphones have made everyone a photographer. It's ironic that as camera technology improves, many people choose to leave their DSLRs at home. But does that mean that professional cameras are on their way out? Definitely not. Technology has not stopped advancing in the realm of digital photography. And although smartphones are great, they cannot rival a professional photography camera just yet. Mirrorless cameras have revolutionized the world of photography. This type of camera offers a quality alternative to a DSLR, without being so bulky. Both professional and beginner photographers have made...
Sony Camera

Sony CyberShot Digital Camera Prices Dealers in Nigeria

Looking for a digital camera to capture those memorable occasions? The Sony Cybershot cameras are equal to the task. Cybershot is a line of point-n-shoot digital cameras from Sony. Sony Cybershot come in a number of series: S Series, W Series, H Series and so on. In this page we have provided prices of some Sony Cybershot camera models as well as some stores and shops where you can buy them in Nigeria. All Sony Cybershot digital cameras bought from authorised dealers come with Sony Warranty. Where to Buy Sony Cameras Online from ₦20,995.00 Buy Now All Sony Cybershot cameras listed...
Xiaomi Mi Drone in Flight Image

Xiaomi Mi Drone Specs and Price

The Mi Drone is the first drone to be manufactured by Xiaomi and one which looks capable of causing a disruption or shake-up in the market. The Xiaomi Mi Drone is an affordable quadcopter that shares a lot in common with offerings from market leader DJI, but will be available at a significantly more affordable price. Where to Buy Drones ₦990,000.00 Buy Now The Design Parading a design said to have been inspired by a dragonfly, the Xiaomi Mi Drone comes with a four-propeller system featuring detachable shields. You are going to love this consumer drone if you are a lover of...
Nest Outdoor Security Camera

7 Best Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Cameras are one of the greatest inventions of technology and taking pictures is not all that they do. Outdoor Security Cameras have instantly increased the security level at every place. Now, we have such cameras at the corner of streets, in various buildings, and even in homes. While many people assert about the threat of invasion of privacy, we cannot deny how much safer they have made us feel. Some of the best features of these cameras include facial recognition, infrared LED, and a two-way audio system. These features have only elevated the advantages of cameras. Going out of town...
Canon Powershot SX60 - Best New Digital Cameras From Canon and Nikon

5 Best New Digital Cameras From Canon and Nikon

Digital cameras are the new normal. They provide unlimited photo taking capabilities, on-the-fly editing, and are a great way to get into the art of photography or videography. This year, Nikon and Canon put out some top quality cameras, and this list will help you pick which is best for you. Nikon D7200 - A Solid Starting Kit The Nikon D7200 is a quality camera at a little above entry level pricing. It features some top quality photo capture capabilities, the software runs well, and it has a super sturdy body housing the lens. This camera's burst shooting mode has improved buffering...
CR3 to JPG Converter

CR3 RAW to JPG (JPEG) Conversion for Canon Photography

If you own any of the latest Canon professional cameras like the Canon EoS M50 you must have fallen in love with the details offered by the new RAW uncompressed lossless .CR3 image format. However, you do not need all that detail for images you want to share online on your website or social media page. This is where a CR3 to JPG converter can be an immense help. RAW images like the CR3 are great because they store images with incredible details exactly the way the camera sensor captured it. However, while RAW images are great for the details they...
How Drones Help Soldiers on the Battlefield

Eye in the Sky: How Drones Help Soldiers on the Battlefield

It’s a known fact that a lot of countries nowadays, use drones to have a significant advantage over their opponents. These drones aren’t small compact toys like those you see in the market. Instead, these drones are huge often large enough to carry a single person. However, these drones do not carry a pilot. Drones are types of UAV or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Instead of pilots, these drones are controlled by highly qualified personnel who undergo rigorous training. Indeed, drones are valuable equipment that does a lot for soldiers on the ground. Here are some uses for drones. Surveillance Due to...
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a hybrid that combines a smartphone and a point n shoot camera. Looking closely at the specs, the Galaxy S4 Zoom it is more like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and a 16 megapixel, 10X optical zoom point-and-shoot camera combined. The Zoom is also equipped with features to enable edit and share your photos and videos. Checkout Galaxy S21 Ultra Where to Buy Samsung Phones ₦41,900.00 Buy Now (Nigeria   Camera and Galaxy S4 If you have been looking a smartphone that can replace your point-and-shoot camera, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom might interest your fancy. The built-in 16...
Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Ring Video Doorbell Wired Price, Specs and Best Deals

Ring Video Doorbell Wired is an affordable video doorbell with 1080p HD camera that can capture a viewing angle of 155 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical. It also allows you to get real-time alerts when motion is detected, and create customizable motion alert zones , so you can get clear and precise videos be it during daytime or night, thanks to the night vision. Where to Buy Ring Video Doorbell Wired Amazon US – See Offers | Amazon UK – See Offers | Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Ring Video Doorbell Wired supports Ring app which is compatible with android and iOS devices. With the Ring...
Blink Mini

Blink Mini Indoor Camera Price, Specs and Best Deals

Blink Mini is an indoor 1080p Wi-Fi security camera that allows you to keep eye on your home anytime. It sports impressive features including motion detection, motion zones customization, night vision, 110-degree field of view, for clear and precise video and the two-way-talk audio, so you can hear and speak to people in your home. This indoor security camera is also integrated with Alexa to access live view, view recorded videos, and smart hand-free experience using just your voice. Where to Buy Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera Amazon US – See Offers | Amazon UK – See Offers | Jumia Nigeria – See Offers The Blink Mini...
Wyze Cam V3

Wyze Cam V3 Price, Specs and Best Deals

Wyze Cam V3 is a 1080p indoor/outdoor wireless smart home security camera with 1080p resolution, colour night vision, 130º FOV, intelligent motion and sound detector, two-way audio system, voice control, a built-in siren, and local video storage, inside the all-new IP65 weather & dust resistance body. It has a rotating base, so it can effortlessly capture effortlessly capture your home from side-to-side. Where to Buy Wyze Cam V3 Amazon US – See Offers This camera can easily detect smoke and alarm you or necessary emergency centre. It has micro SD card slot for 24/7 recording, and optional cloud storage with 14-day free subscription...
Sony AirPeak S1 Drone

Sony AirPeak S1 Drone Price, Specs and Best Deals

Sony AirPeak S1 Drone is a high-end drone equipped with Sony’s full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. It also has a high-powered brushless proprietary motor, propeller, control system and sensing technology, which gives it a high flight speed. This drone also has a vision sensing system to detect spatial position, automatic flight control via sensing and orientation in real time via cloud management of the aircraft and flight information. Likewise with the Multi-directional sensors, it can easily detect and avoid obstacles during flight. Where to Buy Sony AirPeak S1 Drone Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon US – See Offers The Airpeak S1 can fly...
DJI Matrice 600 Pro

DJI Matrice 600 Pro Price, Specs and Best Deals

DJI Matrice 600 Pro is a hexacopter equipped with powerful DJI technologies, six intelligent flight batteries, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system and impressive durable design for improved flight performance. It is compatible with several Zenmuse camera, gimbals, different third party software and hardware, hence, it is ideal for professional aerial photography. Where to Buy DJI Matrice 600 Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon US – See Offers The Matrice 600 Pro supports the DJI Go App and the DJI Assistant 2, so you can get a live HD view, status update, transmission strength, battery status and more. This drone also comes with A3...
DJI Matrice 300 RTK

DJI Matrice 300 RTK Price, Specs and Best Deals

DJI Matrice 300 RTK is a commercial drone platform with an airframe design inspired by the modern aviation system, thus offering up to 55 minutes of flight time. It also supports triple-channel sensor (20 MP Zoom Camera, 12 MP Wide Camera, 1200 m LRF) with 1080p video resolution, 6 Directional Sensing and Positioning system, advanced AI capabilities, with AI spot-checking, Smart Track, PinPoint, Location Sharing, and an advance dual control for flexible flight operation. Where to Buy DJI Matrice 300 RTK Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | AliExpress – See Offers This drone can transmit up to 15 km thanks to the all-new OcuSync...
Online photography courses

Best 5 Platforms to Learn Photography (Online Courses)

So you have a new (or old) camera lying around somewhere in your home, or you have one stick somewhere (you can't even remember) in some corner of your bedroom? Or perhaps you got one from your uncle as a birthday or graduation gift...but you don't know how to use it — there are just too many buttons and parts that do a whole bunch of things you don't know, right? Well, I guess it is time you dug up that camera from wherever you buried it. Time to put that "baby boy" to use. Found that "baby boy"? Good, now I'm...
Tecno Camon 18 Premier

TECNO Brings Ultra-steady and Ultra-clear Gimbal Camera Phone CAMON 18 Premier

October 6, 2021 —TECNO, a rising superstar as a global smartphone brand of the new generation, today released its newest CAMON 18 series - CAMON 18 Premier, CAMON 18P and CAMON 18, pushing the boundaries for what it means to be a professional camera smartphone with anti-shake feature. The new CAMON 18 Premier brings together the best of the CAMON series, such as TAIVOS, Super Night Mode, Selfie Mode to combine with an all-new Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera, a 60X Hybrid Zoom and even more enhanced AI features for achieving professional videography. Featuring AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate makes every touch...
CCTV Buying Guide

CCTV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best CCTV Camera

Over the years, CCTV systems have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Security concerns have risen globally and therefore, virtually everyone is having CCTV cameras installed in their houses and offices along with other security measures. With the development of CCTV technology, there is now a huge range of CCTV cameras available with a diverse array of features. So, make sure you assess your security needs and do your research before you decide on what type of system you want to install. Here are the most important factors to consider when deciding what CCTV cameras to buy. Support Make sure that you...
iPhone 7 Plus Featured

How is an iPhone Camera Different from a Point and Shoot?

iPhone's Camera: A Few Key Benefits and Advantages to Consider Having your very own iPhone is a plus all in its own right. The camera alone on this device, even on the older models such as the iPhone 4’s, makes the purchase more than well worth it. If texts, apps, and internet were to be disabled completely from the phone, leaving only a camera and talking minute privileges, then the purchase alone would still be more than well justified on its own end. Why is this, you may be asking and wondering to yourself? Well, the dual lens cameras on these phones...
Best Full Frame DSLRs

10 Best Full-Frame DSLRs in 2022

Every single day, a new camera model is being invented that’s equipped with the most modern technology. Though, it can make previously released models obsolete, there are still older models that, up-to-this-date, photographers prefer to use. And most of those are full-frame DSLRs. If you’re wondering what’s the best full-frame DSLR this 2022, we provide some tips on how to choose it. And here’s a list of best full frame DSLR cameras that we prefer: 10 Best Full-Frame DSLRs in 2022 1. Nikon D850 Want to shoot a fast-moving subject? With D850, it’s possible as it has a high AF system capability and 7fps...
EOS R with 50mm RF Lens_1536496376

Canon Once Again Revolutionises the Future of Photography and Filmmaking with...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 9 September, 2018, (AETOSWire): Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), a provider of imaging technologies and services, has today redefined the frontiers of photography and filmmaking with the launch of the pioneering EOS R System. Over thirty years on from the original, era-defining EOS launch, the bold, new EOS R System will once again expand photographic possibilities in countless ways. The new RF lens mount has been engineered with the perfect blend of optical, mechanical and electronic design to capture unique moments in previously impossible ways. A pioneering Lens Mount, built from the Best of EOS legacy Since...
Canon EOS R

Canon EOS R Full Frame Mirrorless Camera: Specs and Price

Canon, being a leading figure in the manufacturing of optical instruments (particularly digital cameras) has officially announced and launched its pioneering a full-frame mirrorless camera and lens system, called the Canon EOS R. The Canon EOS R full frame camera is the first full-frame mirrorless camera and lens system from Canon, and it comes not too long after Nikon unveiled its Z-series full-frame mirrorless camera system consisting of the Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras. Although self-acclaimed, the all-new Canon's EOS R system is said to have the fastest autofocus (0.05 seconds) in the world and out-of-the-world low light (as low as -6EV)...
Canono EoS 5D Mark IV Camera Launch in Lagos

Canon EoS 5D Mark IV Launch in Lagos (Photos) – Celebrate...

At a Partner Dinner event held at the Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos on the 3rd of May 2017, Canon in partnership with their Nigerian distributor, Jamaica Trading Company officially launched two hero products into the Nigerian market- the EOS 5D Mark IV camera and E-series of PIXMA printers - E474 and E414. Canon invited its end-users to experience the newly launched products and Canon’s wide range of portfolio. Also, Canon announced the winners of the ‘Celebrate Africa’ competition same night. The Campaign was originally activated in February 2017, through an online competition where Canon encouraged people from the African continent to submit...
Canon Expands to Nigeria Africa

Canon Strengthens Regional Operations and Presence in Nigeria

Canon sets another significant milestone in its overall growth strategy with the launch of its operations in Nigeria with the goal of enhancing its business in the African continent and strengthening its in-country presence and focus. The dedicated entity in Nigeria has been set up to further reinforce the company’s ‘closer to customer’ strategy in West Africa region. Canon Nigeria Imaging Solutions Limited will provide value added on-ground marketing and sales support to new and existing partners and customers meeting their demand in the rapidly evolving Nigeria market The presence in Nigeria will also provide Canon the opportunity to gain in-depth...
Home Security Tips when going on a Vacation

Heading Out On Vacation? Top Security Tips To Shield Your Home

Need a break from the redundant daily routine? Heading out on a vacation with your loved ones sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? You must be very excited! But the thought of leaving your house unattended must seem somewhat scary. How are you going to effectively secure your home while you are away? Well you don’t need to be worried about that anymore! Let us provide you with a number of important tips and suggestions which will keep your household and your belongings safe and secure in your absence. Starting from something as basic as hiring a helping hand, all...
Sony Alpha A6400 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Camera – Cyber-shot Digital Cameras Price & Specs

Looking for digital cameras to capture those memorable occasions? The Sony range of digital cameras is equal to the task. The Sony Cyber-shot line of compact easy-to use digital cameras are among its most successful products. Sony Alpha range of digital SLR cameras is also very popular, especially for people who desire professional grade photos. Here we will be providing a brief overview of a few Sony cameras with emphasis on affordable and bestselling Sony Cyber-shot cameras. Where to Buy Sony Cameras Online ₦20,995.00 Buy Now Read overviews of Canon Digital Camera or Nikon Coolpix Camera Sales of dedicated cameras have remained...