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Make Black Friday Shopping Easy With High-Tech Payment Terminals

Make Black Friday Shopping Easy With High-Tech Payment Terminals

Although it is often seen as a casual outing, shopping always has the potential to be one of the most grueling undertakings. Even the most discerning and prepared consumers can suffer from long wait times and poor inventory, particularly if a store isn’t prepared for a rush. This is especially true during the autumn months, when peak hours are consistently packed with eager customers. If it’s not back to school shopping that has driven someone to the mall, it’s preparation for Thanksgiving or Halloween that has them shopping until they drop. No matter how many hours one may spend clipping coupons...
Digital Assets and Estate Planning

Digital Assets and Estate Planning

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, it’s safe to say that much of our everyday lives has changed very quickly. In particular, the prevalence of technology has shifted how we approach our day-to-day. While we might not be flying in hovercrafts or living in space, a la Hollywood impressions, we certainly spend vast amounts of time on our phones and can video call with people all over the world at a moment’s notice. Technology has shifted how we live in momentous ways and our device usage only increases with Statista projecting that our mobile internet consumption will...

MAS Check Fake & Original Drugs on Mobile Phone NAFDAC

Fake drugs are a major issue in Nigeria with thousands losing their lives ever year to fake and adulterated drug in the country. Wouldn’t it just be nice to have an easy way of making sure the drug you are buying is original? Well NAFDAC now has a Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) that will enable you check whether a drug is original or fake with your mobile phone. In partnership with GSM operators and pharmaceutical companies, NAFDAC now offers an anti-counterfeiting solution for drugs to protect consumers from the menace of fake and adulterated drugs. The technology for the anti-counterfeiting...
Multichoice to add Netflix and Amazon Video Prime Streaming Services for its Subscribers.

Multichoice to add Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming Services for...

Multichoice, a South African TV satellite dish operator will be adding streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to its DSTV platform soon. This new development comes as the TV operator continues to experience growth in the market, adding about 900,000 GOTV and DStv subscribers to its pay-TV platform over its last financial year. Already, Multichoice offers its video-on-demand subscription-based streaming service, but in a bid to add a new set of fresh subscribers to its already large 19.5 million subscriber base, the company is looking to add the Netflix and Amazon Video Prime streaming services to the services...
Mining Field

Mining Investment in Nigeria: Benefits and Challenges

Nigeria is a land of opportunity; a large population, hidden treasures and access to the ocean (This makes it easier for her to benefit from international trades with countries in every corner of the world). Nigeria is also blessed with abundant mineral resources which are mostly available in commercial quantities. There are proven reserves of iron ore, gold, zinc, limestone, barite, tin and bitumen across the country. Among other reserves, reports show that Nigeria has deposits that are over 42 billion tonnes of bitumen, 3 billion tonnes of iron ore, 3 billion tonnes of coal, 1 billion tonnes of gypsum, 40...

Satellite Cable DTH Pay TV Providers – Cheap Multi-Channel TV

For most Nigerians multi-channel TV is a big dream. Apart from Nigerians living in Lagos, Abuja, and may be Port Harcourt, most Nigerians have access to less than five free terrestrial TV channels. This means that most Nigerians rely on terrestrial, satellite, or cable Direct-to-Home DTH TV for multi-channel TV. Here we will be providing information on cheap terrestrial TV, satellite TV like DSTV Access, or cable Direct-to-Home DTH Pay TV packages in Nigeria. Join us after the break for cheap satellite TV, Cable TV, and Pay TV services in Nigeria. A number of companies offer cheap DTH Pay TV services...

UberEats Food Order and Delivery Service

UberEats is a food-ordering app from Uber, the same company behind the popular ride hailing service. It is designed to leverage on the company's vast network of drivers scattered across different locations to make meal ordering and delivery faster and more efficient.   UberEats is similar to food delivery services like OFood. About UberEats Prior to the launch of the standalone UberEats app, the service had been available inside the regular ride-sharing app for about a year and half. Uber was reportedly evaluating the use of the in-app service with a view to offering a standalone version. The app lets you order a...
DSTV Nigeria Prices Channels Packages HD Decoder

DSTV Nigeria Prices Channels Packages HD Decoders Explora PVR

DSTV is a leading Satellite cable TV service from Multichoice in Nigeria and across Africa. The service offers direct-to-home DTH pay TV services to customers across Africa and boasts of one of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria as well as innovative services like HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and a mobile streaming services like DSTV Now and Showmax. Multichoice has the DSTV Compact Plus package targeted at sports lovers and has introduced three new bouquet in the DSTV Padi, DSTV Yanga and DSTV Confam with the Access and Family packages discontinued. Where to Buy DSTV Services and Decoder Jumia.com.ngfrom...
Low Impact Development around the Globe

Exploring Low Impact Development around the Globe

While stormwater runoff was for many years seen as a nuisance and inconvenience to be removed as quickly as possible and dealt with elsewhere, the quest for more sustainable building techniques means that it is now seen as what it is - a valuable resource that can be put to good use onsite if managed correctly. By allowing water to move in more natural ways and infiltrate the ground, rather than diverting it offsite, multiple benefits can be achieved. Some of these include improving aesthetics and removing pollutants through the growth of vegetation, making cities more resilient and better able to...
Create Online Courses

How to Create an Online Course in 7 Steps

Online courses have become one of the most important tools in a digital entrepreneur’s arsenal. When these entrepreneurs become striking examples of online success, people will obviously want to have a piece of what they have. Creating online courses seems to be one of the best ways to share this success with those who are willing to put in the hard work. These days, people typically go to the internet with various queries. Over time, they’ve learned how to take advantage of this improved access to information. This also led to business owners capitalizing on the need for readily available information. As...